This is our back drop DIY Design with Tarpaulin
Now a days, it is really so much better if we become practical, specially on spending a party. However it's a "fact" planning a D.I.Y and budget friendly birthday party or baptism is really daunting. Not to mention the stress and headache that you'll be dealing with. But you know what? You really have to be patient and organize. Ofcourse, perseverance is a must too! That's why I wanted to share with you what I did in my kids party.

I have listed down below some tips in planning to get started. 

This is very important. You should know how much you are willing to spend for the party. In that way, you would know your margin, how big or small the event can be and the limit of guests that you can invite.


This way, you can control the guests who will come. It depends on you who you wanted to invite. For baptism, it is essential to have the Godparents on top of the list aside from the first family members. Remember that you should at least have RSVP before the party, so you could control the food serving or heads available on the event.


Once you have an approximation of how many guests will attend, then you can choose a location that is fit on your budget. Important to know the capacity or space and availability to have it reserved. Like for example, on my end – I simply chose to held it in the Subdivision’s Clubhouse. From there, you can ask the availability of the venue, what’s free to use, the can’s and can’t or do’s and don’ts. Also, don’t forget to check out the church’s availability. Usually, to make it more possible for everyone, people always set it up on weekends.


This part really excites me. All the ideas are in my head popping out. This is to help you for the decorations before you buy any decors, cake and invitation and tarpaulin layouts.


Now that you have an idea of how many servings or people will attend, you can now create a menu. It’s your option if you want it less-hassle, you can hire a caterer. But if you really really want it to be budgeted, then you can cook or ask someone to help you prepare all the dishes so you can also control the out-going of the foods on the event. I suggest, you can try to put on your list the foods like; menudo , lumpiang shanghai, fish fillet and pansit. It already has a lot of servings for a lower costs.



Now that everything has been budgeted, you can now reserve a cake, buy decors and favors that is also fit on your budget. I suggest, instead of ordering it online – if you still have ample time, try to visit yourself Divisoria. There’s a lot of options to choose from plus, ‘makakatawad ka pa’. You can find something personalize and very unique one.


Everything now is set. Hope you have a wonderful fun party! 🙂

I Hope I could share to you soon , how to make D.I.Y decors and to set up a balloon.

Thank you, signing out – themommykhairies

Tortang Malunggay Recipe :)

si Kumareng Malunggay ang #1 ka- partner natin mga breastfeeding mommies. Alam ng lahat yan lalo na ng mga lola, dahil hindi pa uso nuon ang mga lactation goodies, sa sabaw at malunggay tayo kumakapit.

( parang tinubuan ng puno ng malunggay yun kusina ko sa binigay ng kapit-bahay ko na lola ah 😂)

Anjan yung pakakainin ka ng sinabawang malunggay, tinola na puno ng malunggay at munggo. Pero bukod don, ano pa nga ba pwede magawa sa malunggay?

Gusto ko i-share sainyo etong nasubukan ko, ang Tortang Malunggay .


  1.  Malunggay (sa ginawa ko 3-4 tangkay ng malunggay )
  2. 1 large egg
  3.  Bawang ( TIPS: madaming bawang; isa pang nakakatulong sa supply ng breastmilk)
  4.  Pinch of Salt

How to 👩‍🍳 cook:

  1.  Hugasan mabuti ang malunggay
  2.  Igisa ang maraming bawang sa onting mantika.
  3.  Ihalo ang malunggay leaves pagkatapos mahugasan. Igisa ito ng mabuti hanggang lumabas na ang katas nito.

Makikita niyong magkakaron ng onting sabaw na kulay green, ibig sabihin non ay kumatas na ang malunggay. Maari niyo nang ihiwalay ang mga malunggay.

Pigain mabuti ang malunggay leaves habang hinahango ito sa pinag gisahan. Ito ay para maiwan ang mapait na katas nito.

  1. 4. Biyakin ang itlog at haluin itong mabuti sa isang mangkok. Lagyan ng onting asin tsaka ihalo ang malunggay leaves na ginisa.
  2. 5. Huli ay lutuin itong muli.

Malinamnam na masustansya pa, happy tummy na happy baby pa!! 😍💕

Kayo po ano pang Malunggay Recipe’s ang alam nyo?

Onion Remedy, effective or not?

We moms are very anxious about our babies development, specially with their well-being and health. I am one-guilty mom who is paranoid when one of my babies get sick specially with our climate, it changes all the time. Cough and colds are trending.

For the years that my kids went thru sicknesses, I have learned to follow my instincts. I know the drill, natural way is good for me. And what I have discovered in online, this onion remedy added, somehow made me feel at ease even more.


When their temp went up to 38c

Recently, ate kisha and kuya Juno had colds and cough. It went viral means viruses are all over the house. I don’t usually rush them into their pedia right away, I observed them first and do the natural way. The “pausok”, water therapy and using nasal cleaner. While doing this, I’ve discovered in social media about this Onion remedy. A friend of mine also, advice me to try this.

I tried it myself first since nahawa na ako. So I cut half onion and sliced it. I applied vapor rub( you can use baby oil too) , wear socks and put the onion inside. They called it “Onion sock” and leave it overnight. I did the same with my kids (I don’t worry much about it since hindi naman sya intake medicine) . I placed the remaining onion on the table or somewhere near our heads so we can enhale it.

I woke up early morning, and thank goodness, I’m feeling better. No dry cough and heavy feeling. I observed my kids as well that morning, and they’re back to normal, no halak na, coughing was lessen and no runny nose.

How and why? Because did you know :

Onions I sliced and left overnight

✓ Onion can absorb not only bad smell but illness of a sick person

✓ Onion can absorb viruses/ bacteria from the air

✓ Onion is naturally anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibiotic (when eaten)

White onion is better than red onion.

There’s a lot of health benefit that you can get from onion. These benefits are well good for Pain, flus and fever. Its healing power comes fron its pungent odor, that’s why you need to cut in half or sliced to expose it. Know that once an onion cut, it starts to absorb bacteria so never ever leave an exposed onion.

💯 EFFECTIVE! It is mom approved!

Please note that do not always depend on what we have read. It is always better to check with your pedia if other symptoms persist.

Breastfeeding moms must know and must have.

Yes, everyone says that breastfeeding is the best for our kids for its benefits at isa ako sa mommies na sumusuporta sa adbokasiya ng pagpapa-dede na galing sa ina (breastfeeding) .

“Expectation vs Reality” nga daw. Ang alam ko lang ay ang kagandahan ng breastfeeding, pero wala man lang nakapagsabi kung gaano ito ka-hirap, masakit sa dede at hassle lalo na kapag umaalis.

Minsan lang ako lumabas ng bahay na hindi kasama baby ko, and I’m not that kind na dadalhin ang breastpump kahit saan. I would rather pump before going out or let my baby breastfeed first, kasi hindi naman talaga ako nagtatagal ng ilang oras. But I was so wrong.

Photo of my bra when going out.

(Stain of breastmilk)

I’ve been using different pads when going out or even when at home, coz you’ll never know when you’ll have leaky-boobies” , “let-down”, minsan pa nga kung kalakasan ng gatas mo, masakit na sya sa sobrang pagkapuno niya na hindi na kinakaya ng breastpads. 😪

Disposable pads (international brand)

Eto yung ginagamit ko pag umaalis, sad to say, hindi sya leak-proof. Umaapaw sya and nababasa pati damit ko.

While letter B and C are washable, honey comb type of breastpads. Eto naman yung ginagamit ko at home. I’ve used it twice when I’m out, pero kinailangan ko pa din lagyan ng lampin yun dibdib ko para hindi lalo tumagos yung gatas sa damit ko.

Finally, I met Pigeon Disposable BreastPads (letter D)

(My presonal review with the product)

(Photo of Pigeon Disposable Breastpads used)

First time kong sinubukan ang Pigeon Disposable breastpad, super na-satisfied at nagandahan ako sa kaniya. Halos 6hours akong nasa labas, nagmamadali akong umuwi kasi sobrang puno na ko ng milk at wala akong extrang damit o lampin na baon. This save my day!! Hindi ko inakala na tatagal sya saken, dama mo na puno na sya ng milk pero hindi sya nag le-leak (first time na hindi nabasa ang bra at damit ko, no stain at all) Sobrang comfortable padin ang kilos.

That’s because Disposable Pigeon Breastpads ay meron unique quilted honeycomb lining and it absorbs quickly. It stay dry, hindi sya mabaho. As you can see in the photo, hindi sya nag leak kahit i-press mo pa kahit puno na sya…

I’m glad that I met Pigeon Breastpads 👌🏻💋

You moms can try this too! Available in Lazada, shopee and other supermarkets. For some may find it costly but its all worth it.

Happy Breastfeeding Awareness month to us!!!


Mommy khai

Mga kinakailangan ihanda bago manganak🤰

I’ve been reading a lot of anything about pregnancy and I noticed na napaka daming mommies lalo na yung mga first time mom ang nagtatanong kung ano ano ang mga kailangan dalhin sa ospital kapag nanganak ka. That’s first-things-first para mabawasan yung pag-iisip at worries mo and that’s one of the things you should prioritise before giving birth.

Napag-isip tuloy ako, ano nga ba kailangan ko?

My baby’s and my bag

You can ask and get a “NICU LIST” and “CHECK LIST” sa OB mo.

Ano ang “NICU LIST”

Eto yung hinihingi ng mga nurse na kinakailangan ng baby pagkapanganak sa loob ng ICU.

1. 24pcs New Born Diaper

2. Small baby oil

3. Baby wash (Cetaphil , J&J, Lactacyd Blue)

4. Cotton Balls

5. Baby clothes and flannel (atleast 1-2 sets of clothes needed for baby’s rooming-in; onesies, bonet, mittens and socks )

Normally, eto lang yung mga hinahanap.. may ibang ospital na pinapayagan ang “bottle-feeding” so they ask for Distilled Water, Newborn milk and small feeding bottle.

Note: Baby bath lang po ang sinama ko sa lalagyan, for personal cleansing ko na po kay baby yun iba
Please make sure po na magkaron kayo ng iisang lalagyan para sa mga gamit ng baby na kailangan sa NICU. Yung iba kasi nagkakahalo sa loob. Kaayusan nadin.

Siguraduhin niyo din na bukod sa NICU LIST ay may iba pa kayong reserbang baby set of clothes atleast 3 at pranela (flannel) depende kung ilan araw kayo mamalagi sa ospital.

Note: isang bag lang talaga dala ko .. hindi kasama ang comforter o higaan ng baby 😅

Now for your check list, kailangan mo ihanda para sa mga papers na kinakailangan sa ospital na makakatulong sa pagpababa ng bills.

Check list given by the hospital

And last, your own personal things, hospital necessities and hygiene

1. Atleast 3 -4 sets of clothes ( underwear, tshirt , pajama or short) I prefer to have maluwag na tops or bistida. Again, depende kung ilan araw po kayo magtatagal sa ospital

2. Medyas

3. Adult diaper

4. Towel

5. Personal Hygiene ( Feminine wash, soap, wipes, rolled tissue, alcohol, toothbrush, toothpaste , shampoo )

6. Other necessities ( plastic cups, spoon & fork, paper plates, )

There! Just double check your things and you’re good to go!

Good luck

Mommy khai❣️

Signs you need to know that tell you baby’s on the way.

Signs? Signs na malapit kana mag- labor, ang dami niyan at iba- iba. Kahit ako na second time na manganganak, hindi ko masabi kung ano ano.

I admit it, mas nahihirapan ako ngayon sa pangalawa ko now that we’re in our 37 weeks. Sabi ng OB ko, 4cm External OS na kami, meaning baby is on it’s way. We’ve sent to E.R twice, pero pinauwi din kami. Contractions lang daw yun pero hindi active labor.


Ano nga ba ang Contractions ?

– eto yung pagtigas ng tyan at pag sakit ng belly pati puson at ibabang likod ( lower belly and back)

Maaring sinyales eto ng labor or false labor ..


False labor

kung hindi nagbabago ang sakit o hindi tuloy tuloy

– nawawala depende sa position ng pagka upo , pagkahiga o pag nilakad

– painful but tolerable

True labor

sobrang sakit at nagiging mas masakit habang tumatagal mula sa tyan hanggang puson at ibabang likod

– mas nagiging frequent ang pag contract o pagtigas ng tyan up to 10 min down to 5 minutes

– hindi basta basta nawawala ang sakit, hirap na makalakad o makakilos

– nagbabago ang sukat ng cervix

Kung kabwanan na, ugaliin po i-check ang panty kung may lumalabas na white mens. Maging mapanuri sa kulay kung May spotting.. may kasamang brown mens or red or pinkish.. Eto po ay sumesenyales na naghahanda na ang iyong katawan sa paglabas ng baby, nagbabawas ng sapat na fluid sa paglabas neto , meron din naman senyales na maaring pumutok na panubigan ; Sa mga ganitong pagkakataon ay ugaliin po natin ikonsulta agad sa OB natin ito.

It’s true. That giving birth is painful more than you can imagine, but everything is worth it. You can do it mommy! Push and let it go. 💕

Love you,

Mommykhairies 🥰

Why does Pasteleria Manila’s Choco Chunk Cookies always gets the best review?

You can be miserable before you have a cookie, and you can be miserable after eating a cookie but you can’t be miserable while you are eating a cookie. 😘 ~ Ina Garten

Promises, promises, promises!

I am guilty over eating sweets ngayon na malapit na kong manganak! I just told myself for the nth time, that I should stop eating foods that will trigger gestational diabetes, but I know everyone will agree that sweet pleasures really is hard to avoid.

One of these sweets are the cookies! Specially the Pasteleria Manila’s Choco chunk Cookies! This is awesome good and now I am addicted to it!

Who would not love it? It’s buttery and chocolatey aroma is just right to make cookies adorable. It is not your typical cookies in the market. This is a freshly home-made baked cookie. Kids will loved it’s softness and chewyness. It’s not too think and not too thin, just right.

You can also follow their storage instruction to have it’s goodness and freshness longer. It’s super effective! It’s just like freshly baked even if it’s already a day or two have passed.

ctto: Pasteleria_Manila

Baking since 2009


This choco chunk cookies gave Pasteleria Manila the hope and kept them alive during their painful years, way back 2012. So, it’s not surprising that it always gets the best reviews, raves and praises from their customers because it was also made not only with effort but with love and the baker put it soul to it. ❤️

Pasteleria Manila is the one who created Brazo bars, Broas sticks, Mamon bits and Pure Ube Halaya cake. They also offers:

  • Custom Cakes
  • Freahly baked breads
  • Delicious pastries
  • Biscuits
  • Tasty cupcakes
  • Unique desserts
  • Homemade pies

If you wish to order their fabolous choco chunk cookies, you can send them DM in IG

or PM thru FB: or

Viber/text 09399398632

Call : 9820293

The Sweet blends for sweet tooth

Whenever there’s a celebration, of course number one on the list is the cake! The flavor, design or themes, etc. Coz’ one thing is for sure, kids are excited to blow their cake after singing them the birthday song! 😊 so is my little boy.

Exactly before my son’s 2nd birthday, feeling so lucky to win this giveaway from the very generous mommy I met in social media collaboration with “The Sweet Blend” bu Ms. Jeri Contreras-Diaz (yas! I’m the happiest mom!)


Look how my son just so love the taste of it!

It’s a home made bake cakepops with love and full of effort and have different flavors:

  1. Strawberry
  2. Red velvet
  3. Chocolate
  • I recommend the chocolate one which I ordered, and it tastes soooooo ooh gooood! No exaggeration, but better than donut munchkins 😝. It is covered with either sprinkles, sugar crystal etc and a very thick hard chocolate. Inside it is the not so sweet moist chocolate rolled cake.
  • .
  • Design / Theme
  • This is depends on your request and another good thing about it is that you can request whatever design you have in mind ( of course as long as it is possible 😅 and within the available criteria ) Ms Jeri is very approchable, considerate and very nice seller, hindi ako nahirapan makipag coordinate sakaniya ng gusto ko.
  • .
  • It can be with cannester or just bare. You can put letterings on it (like what I requested) or just audible cute designs like butterfly, flowers, bids etc. I am so happy that It met my expectation, I am beyond satisfied. 😍❤️
  • Sample Designs (ctto: from their IG: thesweetblend )
  • Another good thing about it is that, it is very affordable! Very worth the price, quality and taste! You’ll never go wrong with The Sweet Blend!
  • You can reach them via instagram @thesweetblend or directly DM Mam @jericontrerasdiaz . You can have it either pick up , meet up or delivered via lalamove 💕😊

Only real moms know, Real Moms Ph Dry diaper Review

Isa ka ba din nanay na mapili sa produkto na gagamitin ng iyong anak kagaya ko? Takot sumubok ng ibang products na maaring hindi hiyang si baby at masayang lang pera ..

Yes! I’m one of those kind of moms. Always afraid to try and test other products that can cause harms, ofcourse. That’s normal. You have to consider the cost, quality of product and the worth.

But not with Real Moms ph! Isa sa mga affordable brand with 100% high disposable diaper quality in the market!

I’ve won this prize online😍 at walang atubili ko syang ginamit agad dahil na din siguro sa blog na nabasa ko. Hindi naman ako nagkamali. Sinubukan ko sya sa maghapon, i make sure na mapapalitan ko si baby ng diaper within 4-5hrs . Pero okay pa yung diaper kaya hinayaan ko muna hanggang linisan ko sya para matulog.

Next is, I tried it on overnight, for 12hours .. ang nakakatuwa don…

no leaks!

no rashes

mahimbing tulog ng 👶 baby.

Worry-free at night

Because Real moms Dry diaper’s …

And it has super absorbent gel that makes it easy to absorb the wetness, plus adjustable tape/ waist band. Hinding hindi ka magsisisi. May other options kana para sa diaper ni baby, or might as well pwede mo na din palitan ang old brand mo.

Sadly, it’s not yet available in all supermarkets but you can always check them on @Lazadaph! Lalo na ngayon! They are on up to 68% Chinese New Year Sale from today January 31- February 2!

How are you doing as a mommy?

Are you tired? Feeling of having sleep-deprivation? No-Me-time? Somehow, feeling depress or sad of being at home all the time?

To all the moms out there, I know you’ve got a tough gig, specially to first time mommies.

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. 😉

Yes, it’s true. Being a mom is often exhausting and demanding job without pay or bonuses, and maybe the toughest job ever! But let’s not think About that 😁


I just want to share to you how I am struggling into my life now.. I am a mom of 2 toddlers. A 3yr old girl and 2yr old boy. The age wherein kids explore, curious about everything, where they still picking up single stones to learn about things around them. And yet, me? Here, I am taking care of them, while taking care of my “upcoming 3rd 👶 🍼 baby” 😅. Yes, mommy! I am pregnant! 33weeks preggy while starting to draft this blog hehe. No housemaid, absolutely a full time mom, just thankful to have soon-to-be-mother-in-law who cooked our foods (less chores for me 😁)


So, like other full timers, I do the laundry (it’s automatic btw. Makes it convenient, hehe) I do the bathing of them 2, ofcourse feed them, do all necessary clean-ups, etc. There where even a times, I am experiencing cramps, backache and spotting yet you just have to ignore it for awhile because of such. Hardest is when they’re both sick, you’re unwell too.

There’ll be this time that you’ll get fed up to all of this, suddenly seeing yourself teary eyed, feeling exhausted. You just wanted to stop everything.

I am saying is that no matter how we are doing the mommy-duties, let’s always be grateful.  If you think, what you’re doing is hard, think again. Maybe others are harder. Maybe others don’t have time for their kids.

If you are, mommy … try to close your eyes, breathe and sit back. Look at them, look at your kid.. they’re smiles, they’re sweetness.. go on play with them, hug and kiss them , sleep with them.. it’s precious.

Because you know, someday they’re no longer kids. They will feel they don’t need you anymore.

And everything will be just a story to tell someday. Everything is temporary, all are worth it.

Sulitin mo. 😊

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